Researchers from the Digital Studio for Public Arts & Humanities will present and discuss projects that highlight undergraduate collaborative multimedia research and publishing.
Robots are not just for the movies anymore. Where do groundbreaking robots that transform space, deep-sea exploration, and popular culture get their start? --In the classroom.
Through Iowa Digital Engagement and Learning (IDEAL), Rhetoric students have participated in the University of Iowa Libraries’ crowdsourcing transcription initiative, DIY History.
Are you currently teaching an online class or considering it in the future? How will you get the “feel” of an active face-to-face class in a virtual environment? Join Sarah Vigmostad as she demonstrates the ways she uses tablets and virtual classroom space to get students to collaborate in groups and to take charge of their own learning.
This session presents data on UI student participation in academic learning opportunities outside of class. Findings provide an overview of the different kinds of integrative learning experiences students are engaging in, even when it’s not required for their majors.


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