Since 2007, Campus Academic Strategies and Technologies (4CAST) has drawn faculty and lecturers together each January to examine how learning technologies can be leveraged to engage students, make connections between instructors and support staff, and identify educational potential in new technology. 

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Photos of 4CAST'16 are now available to view through Flickr ( These photos were taken by Mike Jenn.
The 2016 4CAST was a huge success. A warm thank you to our guest speakers and attendees. Also, thanks to all of our live tweeters who helped to capture and document the day. Here is a brief analysis of the day's tweets:
What is Google Cardboard? With virtual reality becoming an increasing part of everyday vernacular, companies find themselves looking for new and innovative ways to bring the experience to everyone. In 2014 Google debuted their answer to the Oculus Rift at the yearly I/O developers conference - introducing Google Cardboard. 
Designing a Mobile Makerspace: The Intersection of STEAM, STREAM, and DH
The Laptop Orchestra at the University of Iowa is a dynamic test-bed for new music composition ideas. The ensemble is an opportunity to develop, implement and present new works for a not so traditional instrument, the laptop. Along the way, we are defining performance conventions and creating novel intra-ensemble hierarchies.
VSim is a 3D publishing platform that is currently in development at UCLA. It’s the first of its kind allowing for high fidelity 3D model dissemination and contextualization. VSim offers a new way to teach using a real-time 3D environment and pushes the boundaries of digital publishing.