4CAST 2008



8:30 am-3:30 pm                                             

Event   Begins at

Registration Opens

*Continental breakfast provided

  8:30 am
Opening Remarks   8:45 am

Roundtable Discussions

9:30: How can social networking tools support and enhance better teaching?

10:15: Break

10:30: What can the University do to leverage opportunities for using social networking tools to enhance teaching and learning?

11:15: Summary

  9:30-12:00 am

Lunch on site

  12:00-1:00 pm

Pedagogy and Technology Breakout Sessions

Room 2520B

1:00- Pedagogy of Second Life: A live tour and discussion of this virtual world- Will Coghill-Berhends, Associate Director, Educational Placement Office; Mary Herring, Assistant Professor, Educational Technology Division, UNI

1:30- Poster presenters and dessert available in the lobby

2:00- The Pedagogy of Wikis: A discussion of how wikis impact instruction- Marshall Poe, Associate Professor of History

Room 2520C

1:00- Pedagogy of Podcasting: A discussion of how podcasting changes teaching and learning- Michael Lomax, Associate Professor of Health and Sports Studies

1:30- Web 2.0 Tools for Teaching- Presenting ten new web-based tools for teaching- John Gillette, ITS

Tech Demos- Room 2553

1:00- Using Wikis: Try the new UI wiki solution- Matt Hauge, ITS; Jack Pinette, ITS

1:30- Creating Podcasts: General overview of podcasting and available resources- Greyson Purcell, ITS; Sam Van Horne, ITS

2:00- Hands-on with Second Life: Get a taste of this exciting virtual word- Steve Tomblin, ITS; Miriam Sweeney, ITS

  1:00-2:30 pm
Wrap-up, Session Summary, and Evaluation   2:30-3:00 pm
Media Studio Open House, ITS-Instructional Services, 2800 UCC   3:00-3:30 pm