Hand in Hand

Can you confuse a 3D scanner and why would you want to? Marta Nagy, Visiting ceramicist and Fulbright Scholar from Hungary, and a senior Biomedical Engineering student wanted to answer that question. They discovered that the 3D scanner does not see transparent or reflective surfaces and completes the form as best it can creating unexpected, interesting new forms. This was fine with Marta. She will use this information and the new forms in her ceramic works. The student was also working on a project in her Biomedical class and needed to scan a hand so Marta "lent a hand" creating a poetic metaphor that describes the mission of the NEXUS program, to bring together the Arts and Engineering


Deanne Wortman, director of the Virginia A. Meyers NEXUS of Engineering and Art, will present this project. Wortman is also an adjunct assistant professor in Printmaking within the Department of Art and Art History.