Designing with Accessibility In Mind: Accessibility Needs and Opportunities in Online Course Design

Like Design Thinking, designing with Accessibility In Mind combines ideological assumptions with practical guidelines and methods to support successful implementation. In this lightning session we will trace a path through three key phases of designing online courses with Accessibility In Mind:

  • WHY: Understanding the ideological and practical principles of designing with Accessibility In Mind;
  • WHO: Considering the diverse needs and experiences of users in the margins, as well as the skills needed by designers and developers;
  • HOW: Exploring accessibility principles to address these issues in the context of online course content

Speaker: Todd M. Weissenberger, IT Accessibility Coordinator, Information Security and Policy Office

Todd Weissenberger
Todd Weissenberger is I.T. Accessibility Coordinator at the University of Iowa, where he provides consultation, training, assessment, and advocacy in the area of accessible technology. Since 2011, Todd has sat on the University’s Disability Planning and Action Committee, and has been a member of the Big Ten Academic Alliance CIOs IT Accessibility Group, where he co-chairs the IT Accessibility Training and Badging initiative. A veteran of both the IT and disability industries, he has provided direct service to persons with disabilities in Iowa, Washington State, and Alaska.