Chamber Music with Laptops - Breakout Session #2

The Laptop Orchestra at the University of Iowa is a dynamic test-bed for new music composition ideas. The ensemble is an opportunity to develop, implement and present new works for a not so traditional instrument, the laptop. Along the way, we are defining performance conventions and creating novel intra-ensemble hierarchies.


Christopher Jette is a curator of lovely sounds, creating work as a composer and new media artist. His creative work explores the artistic possibilities at the intersection of human performers/creators and technological tools. Christopher’s’ research details his technical and aesthetic investigations and explores technology as a physical manifestation of formalized human constructs. A highly collaborative artist, he has created works that involve dance, theater, websites, electronics, food, toys, typewriters, cell phones, instrument design and good ol’ fashioned wood and steel instruments. In addition to creating concert music, Christopher explores Creative Placemaking through site-specific and interactive work as a core-four member of the Anchorage based Light Brigade. Christopher is the collaborative performance Grant Wood Fellow at the University of Iowa and a Visiting Assistant Professor of Music. Learn more at