4Cast 2014


9:30 am-2:30 pm

Event Begins at
Registration Opens 9:30 am
Opening Remarks 10:00 am
Keynote Address 10:10 am
Post Keynote Group Reflection 11:00 am
Lunch* 11:45 am

Session 1 Presentations:

"Animating the Book; Animating Library Outreach", Colleen Theisen

"Don’t Bury Me Yet: Challenging Assumptions About Students’ Usage of E-textbooks", Sam VanHorne, Jane Russell, and Kathy Schuh

"Undergraduate Journals", Wendy Robertson

 12:40 pm
Dessert 1:00 pm

Session 2 Presentations:

"Printed Books: The Outmoded Meets the State-of-the-Art at the UI Center for the Book (UICB)", Sara Sauers

"Removing Boring from the Classroom:  Developing an Interactive Textbook to Engage a Plugged-in Generation", Jay Christensen-Szalanski and Lon Moeller

"Greatly Exaggerated Rumors: the Undead Book", Mike Wright

 1:20 pm
Panel Discussion 1:40 pm
Closing Remarks 2:20 pm


*The Center for Teaching, The University of Iowa Libraries, and Information Technologies Services will be providing morning refreshments and lunch.