VSim: 3D Presentation and Publishing Platform

VSim is a 3D publishing platform that is currently in development at UCLA. It’s the first of its kind allowing for high fidelity 3D model dissemination and contextualization. VSim offers a new way to teach using a real-time 3D environment and pushes the boundaries of digital publishing. More information on the software can be found at : https://idre.ucla.edu/research/active-research/vsim


Hannah Scates Kettler is the Digital Humanities Librarian in the department of Digital Scholarship and Publishing Studio as a part of the University of Iowa Libraries. She is both creator and preserver of 3D cultural data and is involved in testing various ways of 3D capture for use in the library. Hannah has generated 3D renderings of ancient Roman and Egyptian architecture for teaching, laser scanned Native American artifacts for analytical studies and public outreach, and rendered historical artworks in 3D using photogrammetry as a way to preserve the physical artifacts from handling. Hannah’s interests include the 3D representation of ancient architecture in relation to its landscape, the issue of ambiguity in digital representation, and the preservation/documentation of digital 3D files. As the Digital Humanities Librarian, Hannah consults researchers on their digital projects and aids in their development. She also works to integrate digital projects and collections into teaching. Hannah received her B.A. in Anthropology with minors in Art History and Classics from the University of Iowa and her M.A. in Digital Humanities from King’s College, London. She is a member of both the American Library Association, as well as a Registered Professional Archaeologist.