Trying On the Short Coat

Podcasts are finding a strong foothold in popular culture. Podcasts can be recorded anywhere and on any topic desired. Students at the Carver College of Medicine use the podcasting format to produce shows that give insight into their experiences in medical school, and allow them to explore who they are becoming by studying medicine. In this presentation, a collection of regular co-hosts of The Short Coat Podcast will discuss how the show has contributed to their understanding of medicine as a human endeavor. 


Dave Etler is an administrative services coordinator in the Carver College of Medicine’s Office of Student Affairs and Curriculum, and producer/host of The Short Coat Podcast.  
Eric Wilson is a medical student who will graduate in May of 2016 and will go on to be a family physician.  
Marcus Toral is a medical student who is also earning his PhD in molecular biology of eye disease.  
Emily White is a first-year medical student who attended the University of Iowa as an undergrad and studied Health and Human Physiology, and Global Health.