Sarah Vigmostad

Sarah Vigmostad, Biomedical Engineering


Are you currently teaching an online class or considering it in the future?  How will you get the “feel” of an active face-to-face class in a virtual environment?  Join Sarah Vigmostad as she demonstrates the ways she uses tablets and virtual classroom space to get students to collaborate in groups and to take charge of their own learning.

Sarah Vigmostad is an Assistant Professor in Biomedical Engineering. Her research focuses on the development and application of advanced simulation techniques for the study of disease formation and progression, improving disease treatment options and medical device designs. She has employed the computational models developed by her group in the study of heart valve dynamics, surgical planning for aortic dissection, surgical repair strategies for diseased mitral valves, the acoustics and fluid dynamics of voice production, and micro-scale modeling of RBCs and metastatic cancer cells.

Sarah’s teaching experience ranges from classes of 140 sophomore students from all engineering disciplines to small, PhD level, discipline-specific courses. Over the past several years, she has transformed content throughout these courses in an effort to make the classroom a dynamic, active learning environment. She has always enjoyed sharing her teaching experiences with colleagues throughout the university, through the participation in and organization of workshops focusing on TILE-based and active learning classes. She has been honored with the Engineering College’s Teaching Award, and the University’s James N. Murray Faculty Award.