Introduction to Questionstorming

This session focuses on strategies to facilitate the development of the broad range of questions that can be asked to enhance design thinking.  This includes not only initial project definition but also applies to developing the questions necessary to fully consider the design space and push the project past obstacles and challenges.  The focus of the session is on the "questionstorming" process, which includes methodologies to create questions that:

  • Define the existing problem territory.
  • Define the history of the problem.
  • Expand the problem territory.
  • Uncover hidden project needs and potential solution paths.

Speaker: John Mirth, Professor of Instruction, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

John Mirth
John Mirth has 25 years of experience teaching courses in Capstone Design and Design Processes.  He is currently the lead instructor in the Mechanical Engineering Design Project course at the University of Iowa.  His design teaching experience spans a breadth of campus types including liberal arts colleges (University of Denver), regional comprehensive universities (University of Wisconsin-Platteville) and technical institutes (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology) in addition to his current position at the University of Iowa.