Denise Szecsei

Presentation by Denise Szecsei, Computer Science & Mathmatics; Jason Buehrer, Computer Science

Robots are not just for the movies anymore. Where do groundbreaking robots that transform space, deep-sea exploration, and popular culture get their start? --In the classroom.

Join Denise as she describes "Robot Theater", an interdisciplinary, project-based course that facilitates interaction between computer science and students in the performing arts in order to design and implement a 50-minute show performed by autonomous humanoid robots along with human performers.

Denise Szecsei is passionate about the learning process, and has spent a significant amount of time inside of a classroom, happily switching from one side of the podium to the other as opportunity knocked.  Denise has taught classes in computer science, chemistry, mathematics, and nuclear engineering.  Her academic interests also include epidemiology and bio-statistics, and she is a firm believer in the fundamental interconnectedness of all things.  She loves to keep up with new technological developments, and incorporate new technology into her classes and research activities.  

Jason Buehrer is an undergraduate student in Computer Science.