Creating an Engaging Learning/Making Space for Students to Collaborate from the First Day

The ability to rapidly ideate, prototype, and pre-visualize as part of an interdisciplinary, creative team has never been easier or in more demand. How do we engage students in this type of design process from day one, fostering a sense of play, brainstorming, and community through the use of digital technologies, bodies, and physical space? This presentation includes a hands-on demonstration developed for the first day of class to the new course 3880: Installations and Interactive Performance. 

Speaker: Daniel Fine, Assistant Professor in Digital Media for Performance

Daniel Fine
Daniel designs projections, digital art, and systems for dance, theatre, music and interactive installations. By combining the simple, traditional forms of storytelling with that of digital media, he collaborates on large scale and intimate experiences in order to engage the imaginations and hearts of a twenty-first century audience. Daniel is an Assistant Professor of Digital Media in Performance, with a co-appointment in Dance and Theatre Arts and is a core faculty member of the Public Digital Arts Cluster at the University of Iowa. He writes an ongoing blog series for and is the co-author of the soon to be released book, Digital Media, Projection Design & Technology for Theatre from Focal Press, an imprint of Routledge. Daniel holds an MFA in interdisciplinary digital media for performance from Arizona State University, where he was a fellow at The Center for Science and the Imagination.