4CAST 2017

Our Lives Online

4CAST ’17 will highlight teaching and learning issues related to Big Data, social media, and new technologies—topics set forth by the Office of Outreach and Engagement (Provost’s Office) for our campus-wide Theme Semester, “Our Lives Online.” 

Come help us celebrate ten years of this popular event.  Talks by invited guest speakers will be followed by small-group discussion before lunch. Afternoon breakout sessions will showcase innovative uses of teaching technologies at the UI.

Please direct questions about 4CAST to the Center for Teaching at teaching@uiowa.edu or 319-335-6048.


Each January the Campus Academic Strategies and Technology (4CAST) event draws together  UI instructors and support staff to examine how learning technologies can be leveraged to engage students, make connections between instructors and support staff, and identify educational potential in new technology.  In its tenth year, 4CAST focused its two
Being so immersed in technology in our daily lives we can sometimes miss the impact it is having on society as a whole. Critical conversations in the classroom are necessary to keep students grounded in some of the larger issues of the day.
There is an ongoing effort in statistics to shift instruction from a focus on procedural calculations to skills such as statistical thinking, problem solving, interpretation, and evaluation.
While makerspaces (fablabs, hackerspaces, creative spaces) have steadily developed in libraries, university campuses, and community spaces over the past few years, these centers of innovation are often rooted in a particular place.
This session will describe how technology has allowed UI students enrolled in an undergraduate business course to have an impactful cross-cultural experience without leaving the UI campus.